Lata Govada


Lata Govada is a Research Associate in Computational and Systems Medicine, Department of Surgery and Cancer, Faculty of Medicine, Imperial College London. She works in Professor Naomi Chayen’s group, a pioneer in designing and developing methodology for producing high quality protein crystals of medical and industrial interest. As a member of Prof Chayen’s team, Lata has been actively involved in the development of unique methods adopted by laboratories worldwide.

Lata conducts and chairs crystallisation sessions at international conferences and courses. She has co‐authored publications in scientific journals and books. Her significant awards include best speaker at the Alternate Muscle Club, Oxford University, best crystallization technique, Rapid advances in Macromolecular Crystallisation, France and Carl Storm International Diversity Fellowship, Gordon Conference, USA.

Lata is particularly passionate about outreach activities, as it allows her to disseminate and raise awareness on the importance of her research to the society (Big Bang Fair, Soapbox Science, by the Royal Society and many more).