Steadman Scott

Steadman Scott

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Steadman Scott was born in St. James, Jamaica, in 1956. He moved to the UK aged 10, settled in Brixton and has lived in the area for the last 49 years. Faced with the harsh realities of life in Brixton in the 1960s and 1970s, Steadman got caught up in criminality which culminated in his receiving a 6 year jail sentence.

He emerged from prison determined to give the young people of Brixton opportunities he had not had. Always passionate about football Steadman assisted with various community outreach programmes, but quickly realised that the children were not being encouraged to excel in the sport. In 1997 he set up Afewee along with Tony Goldring.

Afewee’s record is remarkable. Dozens of Afewee old boys and girls play the sport professionally worldwide and 5 current Premiership players are Afewee alumni, including Nathaniel Clyne who plays in the England national team.

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