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TEDxBrixton TEAMS: A roundtable with the talented operations team!

We have a committed facilities team who are responsible for the management of services and processes that support all of TEDxBrixton’s departments. It’s a wide field with a diverse range of responsibilities which can only be fulfilled by a team who are reliable, highly organised, efficient and astute in the planning and daily operations of running an organisation. Meet Rima, Lauren and Piotr.



  1. Tell us a bit about your background? I’m TEDxBrixton’s Project Manager. I spend most of my time getting everyone together, keeping everyone communicating and looking at how Rima Piceverything fits together, big picture. As we’re a team of very busy volunteers who can’t always meet in person, I do my best to make sure everyone knows what’s going on around the team and everyone has lots of support.
  2. What’s your favourite thing to do in Brixton? I love exploring little, undiscovered bits of Brixton. Wondering around the little roads and alleys and taking in the sights, sounds and colours. I’m always stumbling upon awesome new spots such as Bookmongers book shop recently, now a firm favourite second hand book shop! One of my favourite things to do after a TEDx Brixton meeting is grab some lunch and sit in Windrush Square and watch the world go by.
  3. What’s your interpretation of this years’ theme ‘Kaleidoscopes’? To me, Kaleidoscope is about changing perceptions. You can look at the same thing from a number of different angles and get a new perspective, each as interesting, unique and beautiful as the last.
  4. What book(s) are you currently reading? What’s it about? As part of my book club (Rebel Book Club in London) I’m reading Doing Good Better by William Macaskill. Only just started it but it promises to be challenging book about making a difference in the world.
  5. What’s your favourite TED talk? So hard to pick just one! One of the shortest, most powerful talks I’ve seen recently is Drew Dudley – Leading with Lollipops. Such a great talk for showing us the impact we can have in the world.
  6. What’s your highlight from last year’s event? So many highlights, in particular Judy Claybourne’s talk stood out to me as fascinating, touching and eye opening.


  1. Tell us a bit about your background? My role within the team is Project Coordinator. I help all the teams where necessary on a variety of tasks and have been working on sourcing the merchandise for the event.Lauren Pic
  2. What’s your favourite thing to do in Brixton? I love going to Brixton Market at the weekend: having a browse and trying all the different food there, picking up fresh bread from the Sunday Farmer’s market and have particularly enjoyed Pop Brixton this summer, especially the savoury crepes from L’Amuse Bouche!
  3. What’s your interpretation of this years’ theme ‘Kaleidoscopes’? For me, kaleidoscope means something that is rapidly changing, something vibrant and colourful which is full of energy and continuously creating something beautiful that comes together perfectly.
  4. What book(s) are you currently reading? I am currently reading I Am Pilgrim, a fantastic thriller entwining the lives of a former intelligence officer and an international terrorist – I can’t put it down and would highly recommend!
  5. What’s your favourite TED talk? There are so many amazing TED talks that I have enjoyed, but one that stands out to me is Susan Cain’s The Power of Introverts because it really examined the social emphasis on being bold, assertive and outgoing and discusses how we should change our perspective and understand the value of introverts. In our society, I think there is bias thinking that the ideal students and employees are extroverts as opposed to introverts, and I think it is important to shed light on the positive differences between the two and strive for more of a cultural balance between the two.

Piotr Petr Pic

  1. Tell us a bit about your background? I’ve been working on the mobile app for TEDxBrixton ensuring that it’s launched ahead of the event. I’m also the Ticket Coordinator ensuring that tickets are distributed and allocated.  The main part of my job will be at the actual event.
  2. What’s your favourite thing to do in Brixton? Eating! I love the Brixton Market and the wide range of food you can choose.
  3. What’s your interpretation of this years’ theme ‘Kaleidoscopes’? Something that is constantly changing but is still so colorful and amazing to look at. This is how I feel about Brixton and the people living in it.
  4. What book(s) are you currently reading? What’s it about? On Intelligence by Jeff Hawkins – a book about how our brain works and if it’s possible to build a machine with artificial intelligence. Very interesting!
  5. What’s your favourite TED talk? How great leaders inspire action –it’s about why we do things and allows us to better understand our decisions. I absolutely love it.