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The big day: Our favourite moments!

Group photo of TEDxBrixton speakers

According to over 600 attendees, TEDxBrixton 2015 certainly lived up to its expectations.  Queues formed outside the Brixton Recreation Centre before doors even opened and at 1pm our founder Stephanie Busari welcomed the audience by delivering a compelling speech.

We chose the theme because we believe this embodies what Brixton really is. We don’t believe in melting pots, we believe in salad bowls, mosaics and kaleidoscopes – things that allow individual elements to be part of a whole.

Some incredible speakers

Binki Taylor was the first of our 17 speakers to take to the stage and left the crowd in standing ovation with a moving story on her childhood as a black girl fostered by an all-white family. “I know exactly what it’s like to have a voice that isn’t understood. You feel like you don’t belong. Under the skin is where I found my voice. I had to tackle how to belong from the bottom.”quote

Rebecca Trevalyan, Sam Hall and Steadman Scott also delivered their pieces on what Brixton means to them and thoughts on improving local communities. “What does Afewee mean? It’s for the community, it’s for us. Our mission is to put belief, passion, hard-work and discipline together,” Steadman explained.

Live tweets and updates being shared on the day included quotes from some of our most inspiring speakers  -like Robyn Parker, Helen Wright and Hugh Lewis, Pete Bearder and Charlotte Knowles:
image2 (2)
We were treated to incredible performances from Lil Trubz, Brandon Bennet and The Voice UK finalist Brixton’s very own Lara Lee “TEDxBrixton to me is about people coming together sharing ideas and it’s about the energy of the area. Brixton has always had a massive energy in terms of creativity and the point of having an event like this is to improve as a community,” explained Lara.

We welcomed visitors from all over the UK – some for the first time and some regular TEDxBrixton fans who shared positive feedback about the event and revealed their own thoughts on the theme Kaleidoscopes.

Self-confessed ‘crush-addict’ Isabelle O’Carroll had our audience in fits of laughter discussing her theory on crushes. “Some people say that their crushes are so strong it prevents them from eating or even sleeping! But crushes can be such a powerful motivator making you change your life or a strong comforter in times of depression.”image3 (1)

Other highlights during our third quarter included Alex Lambert’s gripping topic on creativity, ideas and technology, Inua Ellams’ insightful talk on mental health issues in men and Sabah Choudrey’s moving story on being a transgendered Muslim.

The night ended with some amazing personal favourites of our team including Kate Faragher’s speech on intuitive collaboration and Roi Cohen’s almost sci-fi presentation on brain stimulation. Cloudia Vardon challenged our audience with her experience on coping with synaesthesia and Lata Govada educated us all on crystals beginning with her opening line “crystals, the fascination of mankind!”

Ideas from Europe Competition

TEDxBrixton 2015 may be over but you can still get involved in our Ideas from Europe competition in association with the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills.

Submit your innovative and world-changing ideas before the end of the month for a chance to represent the UK at The Hague next year.image5

And if you missed out on our talks for the day you can download our app here and catch up on all TEDxBrixton’s previous talks.