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We are looking for inspirational and pioneering concepts that will contribute to a better world. Video entries accepted until November 6 2015.

#IdeasFromEurope @TEDxBrixton

The Penguin Philosophy-Reinvention of Education

WeFarm - The internet for people with no internet accessibility, agricultureefficiency, bigdata, food-security, globalchallenges, innovation, resourceefficiency, socialimpact, sustainability, technology

The 3D Learning Experience - Stride Education education, innovation, science, technology

Smart Glasses That act as eyes for Blind people accessibility, innovation, socialimpact, technology

Loowatt Waterless Energy-Generating Toilets globalchallenges, socialimpact, water-sanitation

Improving continence care bigdata, design, innovation, socialimpact, technology

Squirrel Financial Wellbeing accessibility, education, globalchallenges, innovation, socialimpact, technology

QUANTAM WASTE globalchallenges, innovation, resourceefficiency, sustainability

Roll-Array Portable Solar Power innovation, socialimpact, sustainability

PopIn accessibility, resourceefficiency, socialimpact

Changify #SmarterStreets accessibility, bigdata, design, globalchallenges, innovation, resourceefficiency, science, security, socialimpact, sustainability, technology

Founder bigdata, science, socialimpact, technology

StepJockey: Making the world your gym design, innovation, resourceefficiency, science, socialimpact, sustainability, technology