Improving continence care

Author: Martin Stocks

ChangeAlert is an IoT moisture sensor for continence pads. This sends signals to carers via a digital display system, alerting them when the pads need changing. This enables pads to be changed far quicker than previously possible, minimising patient discomfort, restoring dignity and helping to avoid conditions like infections or pressure ulcers. We designed this product after caring for a relative with severe incontinence and realising the difficulties within continence care. The system can be used in care homes, the NHS or with people cared for in their homes. We’ve designed the product to meet patient and clinician needs. ChangeAlert enables carers to prioritise the most urgent patient needs and optimise their workload by avoiding the current process of time-consuming continence rounds. Unnecessary continence checks and changes are also avoided, which are invasive and reduce a patient’s dignity. Failure to manage incontinence is the largest reason for admittance into care homes. ChangeAlert makes managing incontinence easier, more cost-effective and more dignified. We're assessing how we enable interoperability and more efficient and cost-effective care, to help the UK care model become sustainable as it caters for the increased demand that our ageing population will bring.