Roll-Array Portable Solar Power

Author: John Hingley Renovagen have developed the \"Roll-Array\" transportable solar power system. It\'s a solar farm which unrolls from a container or trailer in a few minutes - to power mobile hospitals, temporary camps, desalination plants, mine sites, military bases and more. Batteries and inverters are built-in for 24/7 power - it can be used just like a genset - but doesn\'t depend on expensive fuel or create CO2 emissions, noise and local pollution. Our air-pallet container system can be flown anywhere in the world on normal aircraft and packs up to 18kW of PV - 10x more power and much faster setup than existing solutions. Future systems housed in shipping containers will contain 300kWp or more! Affordable, accessible, secure power anywhere! The video linked here, released by NATO from a field testing exercise we took part in, features our product demonstrator in action.