The 3D Learning Experience – Stride Education

Author: Jatinder Bal

We've taken the same immersive 3D effect from the cinema across to the classroom to create an engaging learning experience, making it easier to learn difficult topics. Imagine taking a 3D journey through the body as cells pop out at you, or seeing 3D molecules floating in mid-air. This is the natural way to learn as most topics in Science are 3D in real life, so it makes sense to teach them as they are - in 3D. The effect of depth allows students to immerse themselves in the context of the topic they're studying. This makes it easier to remember concepts enabling students to succeed in exams. This method of learning has many proven benefits to learning such as greater attention, deeper understanding of concepts, better behaviour and increased test results. We deliver this as a complete, unobtrusive package. We include bespoke computers, 3D glasses, 3D projectors, and an award winning 3D software suite. We also help teachers to get the most from this amazing resource. You have to see this first-hand to understand it's full potential, so get in touch for a free demonstration -