The Penguin Philosophy-Reinvention of Education

Author: Nelson

The Penguin Entrepreneur philosophy represents the evolution of education It has simplified the model of education. I will share the story of Ophelia. Ophelia is a dreamer who wants to realise her dreams. She has financial, emotional and professional dreams. Ophelia’s emotional dream is to become a mother of 5 children, have a wonderful family and marry a faithful man. Ophelia goes to school, gets a job and meets the man of her dreams. She gets a family. She realises her emotional dreams. But she fails to realise her financial dreams. Debt and inflation forces the family to struggle and live a very poor life. One day Ophelia realises that she is not happy. She is surviving but not thriving, therefore she quits her job and joins a new river. She becomes an entrepreneur. Ophelia jumps into a river called ‘marketing & social media’. That river has 3 types of characters: Dreamers - people who are new into the river Dinosaurs - people who have been swimming in the river for more than 12 months Penguins - the most evolved and successful individuals in the river. Penguins are people who realise their emotional, financial, social dreams. Penguins are attractive and are loved by everyone because they represent the highest level of evolution inside an river. (A river is an industry. It could be the corporate, the banking, the entrepreneurial, family, or fitness world). How do we reinvent education? We simplify the model of education. Instead of GCSE’s and A Levels, Degrees and PhD’s we present the student with 3 stages of development. Stage 1 is the dreamer. A dreamer has to know him or herself in order to prosper in life. It deals with mindset and identity. Stage 2 is the dinosaur. A dinosaur is very competitive and someone who wants to beat the competition. He is always competing. Every river, every industry has dinosaurs. We tell the student you don’t need to become a dinosaur. Instead, strive to become a Penguin. We also enable the student the see the dinosaurs that dominate a specific river and how to avoid those dinosaurs. A key step for every dreamer is to create a new river instead of jumping into an existing river. Stage 3 is the penguin. Penguins are people who have said yes to emotional, strategic, intellectual and emotional evolution. They are very wealthy on several levels. They achieve emotional, financial, strategic and social prosperity. While dinosaurs have to compete in order to survive, penguins learn how to thrive. Application We have a book. We are planning a documentary, software, an app that enables people to see where they are and how they can evolve and become a penguin. Every human being has an Ophelia inside him or herself. Many people fail in life because they don’t know how to become penguins. A university degree or PhD doesn’t mean a well paid job or a successful career. Someone who doesn’t have a successful career struggles to find happiness. We solve that challenge by providing a simplified model that enables a person to find the right subject and strategies that will enable him or her to become a penguin. There are penguin politicians, penguin tennis players, professionals and entrepreneurs. We provide the methods and then show people how to evolve and realise their dreams. Conventional education has 5 steps and a process that lasts 20 years. The Penguin Entrepreneur philosophy will enable people to become highly educated and successful in less than 8 years. Central to the Penguin Entrepreneur philosophy is that everyone is an entrepreneur. It doesn’t matter whether you work for yourself or for someone else, you are an entrepreneur. We will use the philosophy to inspire people and fight poverty. People don’t have to go to expensive Universities in order to become intelligent successful and happy. All they need to do is to become Penguins.