WeFarm – The internet for people with no internet

Author: Camilla Gordon

Smallholder farmers are vital in achieving food security through sustainable agriculture, yet many live in poverty on less than $1 a day. Small-scale farmers typically have low crop yield and are highly vulnerable to the effects of climate change. In addition to this, they often lack access to information that could greatly improve their livelihoods. WeFarm is a pioneering mobile platform that solves the global challenge of poor access to information for the majority of the world's smallholder farmers. WeFarm enables farmers across Africa and Latin America to share and access vital information on farming via SMS, meaning that even farmers without internet access can use the service. WeFarm promotes sustainable farming practices through our peer-to-peer service, with farmers sharing organic farming practices and sustainable techniques. Our social impact is significant with 65% of our farmers report they have improved their livelihoods with WeFarm. Eventually WeFarm will be able to track crop disease and monitor other challenges faced by smallholders with the key data we collect. We aim to have 1 million farmers using our service by the end of 2016, improving agricultural efficiency around the world.