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Learn about TEDxBrixton. What makes it unique and who’s behind the scene.

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Brixton, 17 August 2015 –

TEDx comes to Brixton for third year and is set to the biggest yet! Local icons and leading innovators will gather for a day of inspirational talks around the theme of Kaleidoscopes. Download Press Release

Brixton, 29 September 2015 –

TEDxBrixton introduces London to a Kaleidoscope of ideas. TEDxBrixton comes back with its biggest event yet. Download Press Release

London, 01 October 2015 –

TEDxBrixton partners with Department for Business, Innovation and Skills to Find UK’s Idea worth sharing. Download Press Release

Talking about TEDxBrixton

“It doesn’t surprise me that it took me over three years to speak publicly about being muslim and trans.”

“Is borrowing set to be the new buying in the UK?”

“Real men listen to Drake.”

“I went to the TEDx event in Brixton last weekend and now I totally understand. I am a TED talk convert. I want to watch all the TED talks. I want to give a TED talk.”

“The yellow brick road to Radio”

“TEDxBrixton: the most inspiring day of the year”

“Inspirational talks at TEDxBrixton 2015”



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