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Ted's Carpet Cleaners Brixton provides the best quality service in carpet and upholstery cleaning.

Who Are We?

Ted’s Carpet Cleaners Brixton is located in London and serves all of its areas. We are family-owned experts with valuable experience in the carpet cleaning industry, working with caution to the details. 

Ted’s Carpet Cleaners Brixton offers a personalised attitude, modern technologies and green innovations. All these can remove considerable grime, improve the condition of fibres, return their deep freshness.

Our Company’s Mission

Our mission is to wash in-depth the carpets, rugs and upholstery, taking care of the fibres' longevity.

Ted’s Carpet Cleaners Brixton is committed to meeting customers’ requirements and personal standards, following the niche’s leading tendencies. Our team wants to support you, searching for the most effective and useful possibilities for a healthy indoor environment.

We always take serious steps to observe the textile covering’s state, striving to find the most appropriate method for washing and protecting the threads.

No issue over your domestic or office carpet and upholstery caused by exploitation could shock us. Textile flooring and soft furniture are a significant part of commercial or home design; its condition reflects the atmosphere and air condition. Your washing process will be carried with high-quality products, thoroughly completed with excellent results.

With the long years of proficiency and professionalism, we aim to extend the range of carpet cleaning services and exceed clients’ expectations.

To be a responsible partner of your housekeeping goals or facility management, we work diligently with an expert eye, following the branch’s best norms. Our specialists monitor the latest published information for the best practices with the only purpose to guarantee top service to our customers.

Why Choose Us?

  • Ted’s Carpet Cleaners Brixton is updated on the optimum safety prevention available while our staff is in your home or working space. We practice social distancing recommended by health institutions, investing skills, knowledge and energy to complete our job. Clients’ trust is essential for the firm.
  • Our company proposes an included vacuum for all areas to be washed. We use HEPA filter technology that allows us to avoid rebreathing dust and dry material from carpeting.
We use eco-friendly methods, gently cleaning products and meet all of the clients' recommendations.
  • Our commercial policy’s purpose is to use as many eco-friendly methods as possible. 
  • Pretreatments used are non-toxic at all, appropriate for regular applications, gently toward materials, suitable for kids and people with health complaints.
  • Our team is friendly, flexible; the appointments never are stressful. 
  • We discuss together with clients carpet soiling situations, adequate solutions and options.

We Are Your Reliable Partners

Gentle attitude, full equipment, flexible schedules, best results-if you search for a reliable carpet and upholstery cleaning company, here we are.

Ted’s Carpet Cleaners Brixton’s high-quality carpet care service offers you modern technologies, state-of-the-art methods and green innovations to protect your well-being. The wholesome indoor space is a priority for us. We invest all of our professionalism to ensure you perfect appearance of the carpets you possess, their deep cleanliness and freshness.

Feel free to contact us, to search for expert opinion and responsible support. We look forward to hearing from you.

Ted’s Carpet Cleaners Brixton’s philosophy is to be correct, honest with our customers, believing that anything worth doing is the best we can.